CPC Blue Crude

CPC Blue Crude
Product Description
The CPC Blue (Crude) constitute a broad class of pigments. It is also known as phycocyanin pigment and is among the most important organic pigments. It is blue in color due to the presence of copper (II) complex of tetra aza tetra benzoporphine (CPC). Copper Phthalocyanine Crude Blue is used for coloring plastic pigment, paint pigment, ink pigment, rubber pigment, textile pigment, leather finish pigment, soap & detergent pigment. Further, the product is produced by typical technology using Alkyl Benzene route and has an excellent dispersibility, and flow property obtained when produce as a Pigment Blue for Ink application.




Copper Phthalocyanine Crude Blue

Colour Index No.


Chemical Group

Copper -Phthalocyanine Blue




Blue Powder

Purity by acid pasting

97% ( Min.)

Oil Absorption Value


Specific Gravity ( g/ml)

1.6 - 1.7

PCB Content


Free Copper

2500 ppm( Max)

Total copper

10.0 - 10.5%

Sieve Residue(325mesh)

1% (Max)

pH of 10% Aq. Solution

6.5 to 8.0

Water soluble

1% ( Max)

Moisture Content

1% ( Max)

PCB Content


Acid Leaching


Alkali Leaching


Key Application Profile

Key Raw material for manufacturing of

1) Direct Blue 199
2) Pigment Green 36
3) Pigment Green 7
4) Pigment Blue 15.0,15.1,15.2,15.3,15.4
5) Reactive Blue 3, 21, 25, 71,140
6) Direct Turquoise Blue 86

Key Properties

1) Excellent Dispersibility.
2) Excellent flow property obtained when produce as a Pigment Blue for Ink application
3) The product is produce by typical technology using Alkyl Benzene route.
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